SOAR - MagniLink ZIP Premium
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MagniLink ZIP Premium

 MagniLink ZIP Premium MagniLink ZIP Premium

 The MagniLink Zip desktop video magnifier is at the forefront of modern technology and a winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award.

Uncompromising true-color image quality is ever present and the system is intuitive and user friendly. The control panel was designed according to the highest technology standards and with client feedback in mind. It’s easy to find, learn, and maneuver - for example, the function knobs rotate and are simple to handle, easily seen, and there is an advance mode for advanced users.

The  monitor has brightly colored screen edges, an anti-glare surface, provides crystal-clear sharpness, high contrast images, and a dimmer mode for light-sensitive users. The screen is built in hi-definition and is easy to adjust by tilting it forward, backward, and for height. This is the most portable model with a low-vision adapted screen and an HD reading/distance camera that rotates both vertically and horizontally.

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