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Individuals who have difficulty learning may be limited in several different areas.  Learning difficulties can limit understanding of language, both spoken and written, which may manifest itself in an imperfect ability to listen, think, speak, write, spell or to do mathematical calculations. Visual, auditory, or motor processing difficulties may interfere with reading and reading comprehension, as well as translating printed words into spoken words with ease. Difficulty with numbers or remembering facts over a long period of time may also be problematic.  Spatial issues and difficulty aligning numbers into proper columns, reversing numbers, and the inability to fully perform mathematical operations can cause problems with completing work. Some issues with learning involve problems with messages from the brain being properly transmitted to the body. Though the muscles are not paralyzed or weak, they have problems working well together. This might mean speech problems, poor posture, poor sense of directions, and/or difficulty with actions such as throwing and catching. Perceptual deficits can include problems understanding and remembering oral instructions, differentiating between similar sounds, or hearing one sound over a background noise, as well as difficulties picking out an object from a background of other objects or seeing things in correct order.

Please see the following limitations that corresponds with the individual’s need:



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